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June 10th, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Dear Mt. Airy Pediatrics Families,

We are excited to announce that we have been approved to be COVID-19 vaccine providers and now have a supply of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in our office. We are ready and able to immunize any patients ages 12 and up, as well as their family members. Yes! you read right-we are able to immunize parents, grandparents, friends, everyone in the community that does not have a medical reason why they should not receive the vaccine. 

We have weekday and some Saturday appointments available for now. Please note that due to logistical restrictions on the administration of the vaccine and to avoid wastage, we are not able to accept walk-ins and must contain appointments to designated days and times.  

For current patients: Please contact us to schedule an appointment at 215-247-2996 or log into our patient portal and send us an appointment request.  

If you are NOT a current patient of our practice: Please be prepared to provide us with demographic and insurance information when you call in order to schedule an appointment. 

Prior to your vaccine visit please print, fill out and sign the Covid-19 vaccine questionnaire and consent form, accessed via link below. Make sure to bring the forms and your insurance coverage information  with you to the appointment.  See you soon!

Covid Vaccine Registration Form and Waiver Form

Covid Vaccination Screening form

PfizerCOVID-19 vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Document

As always we are honored to care for you, your children and families.


The Providers and Staff at Mt. Airy Pediatrics, PC


December 5th, 2020

Mt. Airy Pediatrics on COVID-19 and pandemic-life topics,  Do you have questions about…

COVID-19 Testing?

-We are NOT routinely testing in the office at this time.

-For most patients 18 and under our best option is using the CHOP system here: - A brief interactive questionnaire helps determine if - and when* - your child needs testing, and if recommended, helps you schedule a testing appointment at one of their drive-through sites, with results generally available within 24 hrs.

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children is also offering walk-up and drive-thru testing at their Erie Avenue location. Follow this link for information about their community Covid-19 testing:

-Here’s a video about what to expect:

-Suggestions for other available testing sites can be found at the following links. Note each site will have its own hours and requirements - testing itself is free, but some sites may require a virtual visit before scheduling, which may involve a charge:

City of Philadelphia COVID-19 testing sites

Drexel Community Wellness Hub

Black Doctors Consortium

Montgomery County COVID-19 testing sites

-*NOTE: if you are asymptomatic and considering seeking a test due to direct exposure or after having been in a higher-risk situation (travel or crowd), don’t worry about getting tested right away - QUARANTINING at home should be your first move. WAITING to test until 7 days after exposure will give you the highest likelihood of an accurate result. TESTING TOO EARLY may lead to a false negative result.

ABOVE ALL: Keep calm and call us for direction with any testing questions.

How to see or talk to us about a concern?

-We are still here! We are at our NEW address, 6673 Germantown Ave (entrance on Springer), and on call at all times.

-For patient and staff safety, we are limiting in person sick visits and MAY recommend beginning with a phone conversation or video (telehealth) visit. We are ready to see your child in office when that is the best option. Your insurance may or may not require co-pays for any of these options.

-Please expect to answer a few screening questions prior to scheduling or confirming an in-office appointment and to follow a few procedures designed to keep everyone safe.

-As much as possible, limit the number of people coming into the office for a visit to one or two healthy adult caregivers.

-All office visitors over age 2 should be prepared to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth.

-When you arrive at the office, please call us from the parking lot (we have one now!) so we can bring you in when we have a room ready for you and space for everyone in the waiting room.

Prevention and risk-reduction with cases on the rise in the community?

-As much as possible, you are “Safer At Home” and should avoid the “3Cs”:

Crowded places

Close contact situations with people outside your household

Closed spaces with poor ventilation

-When you are planning on being out, think about Swiss Cheese! Many things we can do to reduce risk are imperfect (have “holes”) but the more of them we use, the better they work together! 

See this graphic for a visual

Swiss Cheese Graphic

What to do if you’re sick?

If someone in the home is sick, that person should self-isolate in the home as much as possible and others in the home should consider themselves in quarantine and must stay at home.

Coping and mental health?

Meeting needs and getting resources when your life has been disrupted?

Cap4kids resource lists - wide-ranging info!

Germantown Mutual Aid:

Heating assistance:


Renters assistance:

Homeless Assistance Program:

Housing and shelter help:

Food assistance resource guide:

Pet food pantries:

Unemployment benefits guide:

More Q&A, guides on all kinds of COVID-19 and pandemic-life topics can be found here:



March 13th, 2020

We would like to give an update about how Mt. Airy Pediatrics, PC is handling the Coronavirus – COVID 19 infection. Our main concern, as always, is the health and safety of our patients and their families. Your providers at Mt. Airy Pediatrics, PC are here for you, not only for medical care but as a source of reliable and sane information. 



First, please be reassured by the fact that COVID19 has NOT been most dangerous for children - across outbreaks they have been sick less frequently and less seriously than adults, and NO young children have died of COVID19. Most often, if symptomatic, it is experienced like a cold. For this reason, all the things you already know about preventing the spread of colds, treating their symptoms for comfort, and monitoring for complications are exactly what you need to know now!:

-wash your hands often 

-regularly clean surfaces that are frequently used 

-stay home when sick

-cough and sneeze into a tissue (which you dispose of right away), or into your elbow

-treat children’s nasal congestion and post-nasal drip cough with plenty of fluids and moist air

-keep a thermometer and acetaminophen or ibuprofen (for children over 6 months) on hand to monitor fever and treat the discomfort it can cause

-call us when you have concerns!

If you are worried your child may have COVID19 and are wondering if they need to be seen, please watch this helpful video first:

Call us if you have further concerns. We are on-call to discuss urgent concerns even when the office is open. Do not walk into the office; do not go directly to an emergency room or urgent care.

More info about children and coronavirus:


On the other hand, the spread of a novel virus through our community will affect many, many people, including many older adults and people with other conditions that increase their risk for very serious illness. This is the reason for all the closures, cancellations, and calls for “social distancing”. The more we can slow down the spread of the virus from person to person, the better the health care system can be ready to take care of those who need it without becoming overloaded. Here is some important information about preparing your home and family:

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We will:

-enhance our practice of cleaning and sanitizing all “high-touch” surfaces in the office throughout the day

-screen requests for sick visits to ensure best direction for care - if you are calling about a child with fever or cough, expect a clinician to call you back first instead of scheduling directly with a receptionist

-advise employees to stay home when sick

You can help us by:

-avoiding bringing anyone other than a patient with fever or cough to the office (no sick caregivers or siblings - only sick, scheduled patients)

-washing your hands on arrival at the office (soap and water are available in the bathrooms and hand sanitizer throughout the office)

-being patient with us as we are careful to triage phone calls and make other adjustments to meet everyone’s needs as safely as possible

Lastly, we will continue to update the information we share about this rapidly evolving situation with the best guidance we receive from public health resources. You can find good information here:

Locally text COVIDPHL to 888-777 for notifications from the Phila Department of Health.

The health department also has a Greater Philadelphia Coronavirus Hotline: 1-800-722-7112

In unprecedented times like these, as in every time, it’s an honor to have your trust in our care for your children’s health. 


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