Our Staff

Our Mission and Vision


To MEET the individual needs of every patient and every family.

To LEARN what makes every patient special, and what every family values.

To GROW along with our patients and families, helping them always to be safe, healthy, and happy. 


A pediatric practice so supportive, connected, and caring that we feel like family.

Mt. Airy Pediatrics, PC uses the Patient Centered Medical Home model of care. Patient Centered is a way of saying the patient is the most important person in the health care system.

A Medical Home is an approach to providing total health care. In a medical home the patient joins a team of health care professionals to help with health care. The doctors and staff here at Mt. Airy Pediatrics are all part of the medical home. We are here to help reach health care goals emphasizing improving and maintaining healthy lifestyles. We are committed to providing our patients with support to manage their treatment plans. We coordinate care with other physicians to provide evidence-based care along with self-management support.

Within a Medical Home, the patient and provider team works together. As an active member of the team, patients have a chance to explain things that are important to them. To assist us with providing the best possible care, patients need to provide a complete medical history including any care received outside of our practice.

We could not accomplish our mission and vision without our outstanding administrative, and amazing clinical support staff.

Teresa M.

Front desk receptionist/patient advocate and Medical Assistant. Teresa joined our team in 2020. She is a  Philadelphia native and has two little ones at home. She is inquisitive and interested in learning about all kinds of topics. 

Shani W.

Front desk receptionist/patient advocate and Medical Assistant. Shani is a newer member of our team. Shani originally hails from England and has lots of experience in early childhood education and helping little ones to thrive.

Shelly J. 

Front desk receptionist/patient advocate. Shelly joined our team in 2002. She is mom to four former patients of the practice, so has seen the practice change and grow quite a bit in those years. Shelly's gracious, warm manner and easy laugh puts patients and parents at ease just when they need it. Her baked birthday treats are office and world famous.

Raoul C.

Front desk receptionist/patient advocate. Raoul joined our staff in 2020. If you have called the office, you have probably had the privilege of being assisted by Raoul. He is kind and compassionate and eager to help our patients with their needs.

Mary S. 

Front desk receptionist/patient advocate. Mary has been on our team since 2007. Mary is mom to three adult children, but her gift of putting children and their parents at ease has not dwindled. We've been known to refer to her as the "Office Grandmom", as she pulls out treats, toys and a warm smile or an encouraging word for patients and their parents. 

Jennifer Louis-Jadotte
Practice Administrator. Jenny has worked at Mt. Airy Pediatrics since 1998. Initially hired as a data entry clerk, Jenny held a number of different positions here at the practice before she became the Practice Manager in 2005. She juggles many hats here, knows many things about almost everything and in her free time has been known to bake one batch of scones too many. You can reach her during business hours by phone at 215-247-2996 or by email at [email protected]


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