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September 3rd, 2021


Our first major shipments of 2021-2022 flu vaccine have been delivered and we are making plans for protecting our patients and their families by giving flu vaccines in the office.  With the continued presence of COVID-19 this year, it is more important than ever to get your children protected with a flu shot. We recommend flu vaccine for all our patients who are six months of age or older, and it is especially important for children with chronic health problems.

We will be offering both the Injectable and Nasal Spray versions of the flu vaccine this year again.  There are certain restrictions on who can receive the Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine and the Injectable Flu Vaccine, so please be sure to read the vaccine information sheet on the vaccine you wish for your child to receive before scheduling their appointment.

WHAT’S NEW THIS YEAR? Any of our active patients AND their parents/guardians may receive a flu vaccine either during a flu clinic, when they are in the office with a child or sibling, or at any regularly scheduled appointment. Parents/guardians MUST register with our front desk prior to receiving a flu vaccine in our office. This means that we will need to collect your insurance information if you want us to bill your insurance company for the vaccine. The fee for a flu vaccine if you are parent/guardian whose insurance does not cover the vaccine is $35.

WHAT ELSE IS NEW THIS YEAR? Covid-19 Vaccine is here and can be administered at the same time as the flu vaccine for anyone 12 years and up. Please contact us right away and our staff would be happy to help you set up an appointment to get protected against both Covid-19 and Influenza.

This year again we will be holding flu clinics during a wide variety of days/times. These will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in order for us to allow for appropriate social distancing and safety. We ask that you arrive at the scheduled time for your appointment and follow staff directions closely. This is for everyone’s safety and will allow us to maintain an orderly process.

Please visit our website for the most up to date information about our flu clinic guidelines.


- contact the office during regular office hours at 215-247-2996

- Visit our website to schedule online and select "Child Flu Shot Visit" OR "Flu Shot Visit" to have your choice of dates and times.

- Log into your child’s Patient Portal and click the "Schedule Now" button 

                                                                                                 2021 FLU CLINIC GUIDELINES

As always, masks are required for everyone ages 2 and up entering our office. We will continue to screen prior to your scheduled appointment to protect everyone and ask that if you or anyone in your family have been recommended to quarantine OR if you or anyone in your family have developed any symptoms consistent with Covid-19 that you call and reschedule your flu shot appointment per CDC recommendations.


All our flu vaccine appointments MUST be pre-scheduled. Please click here, or login to the Patient Portal or call the office during regular office hours to schedule an appointment.

To help maintain social distancing in our clinics and prevent large gatherings of patients, we are offering some drive-thru flu shot appointments in our parking lot. FOR DRIVE-THROUGH APPOINTMENTS please follow our staff’s directions and the signage in the parking lot to get your child immunized.

Review and complete the appropriate Influenza vaccine screening form:

-Injectable Flu Vaccine

-Nasal Flu Vaccine


Review the Vaccine Information Statements for the flu vaccine: Injectable Flu Vaccine, Nasal Flu Vaccine

If possible, please review and complete the appropriate Influenza vaccine screening form ahead of your appointment. Bring the form with you to your appointment:

-Injectable Flu Vaccine Screening Form

-Nasal Flu Vaccine Screening Form


Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

Please wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose. We will let you know when you/your child can remove your mask.

Please keep your child in their car/booster seat.

Please be sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing to receive a flu shot.


Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time and call 215-247-2996 to let us know that you have arrived. Due to social distancing rules, we need to limit the number of patients in the building at the same time. 


Infants (6-35 months of age) who are receiving their first flu vaccine, as well as children who are 8 years old and younger and have never received an Influenza vaccine, will need to receive two doses of Flu.

No copays are due when receiving the flu vaccine. We will bill your child’s flu shot to their active insurance company.

If your child does not have active insurance, payment of $23 will be due at the time of service. If there is any patient responsibility due after your claim has processed, we will bill you according to our financial policy.

The fee for the vaccine for adults 19 years and older whose insurance does not cover the cost of flu vaccine is $35 which will be due at the time of service.

Please call our office with any concerns or questions. 

Be well and Stay safe!


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